12 Week
Manage Chronic Pain
Improve Posture & Balance

Enhance Performance


Are injuries a plague to your progress? Is joint or back pain preventing you from reaching your goals? Working together we can identify what's working and not working in your routine and put a plan together that will achieve your goals.

Chronic pain is the result of an habitual imbalance of muscle surrounding the joints. Some of the muscles crossing a joint are weaker than others, some are stronger, some are tight and some are loose. Based on my observations I can provide you a custom program including: A gym/ studio program which you can start with 1-3 times a week and a daily home routine for maintenance. I will also offer consultation on what equipment you my purchase for home use (small balls, towels, straps…).

Restore Balance with Pilates and Pilates Based Exercises

Relieve Chronic Back and Joint Pain

Assist with Rehab from an Acute Injury

Programs for Athletes of all levels from Desk Jockey, Weekend Warrior or Committed Athlete


12 Week Custom Program

Consultation for home equipment

Customized workout plan

Initial Skype Evaluation to develop your program your program will be designed based on my observations.

24 Hour Email Support

Private Facebook Group

One weekly Private Skype session


Pricing $1200:                                    
Includes Initial Evaluation

Daily customized workout plan

24 hour email support

Private Facebook Group

One Weekly Private Skype Session