Larry has been working as a Fitness Professional for nearly 35 years. Larry began his career in Boston in 1981 while attending Northeastern University, and has since evolved with the industry. In 1990 Larry moved to Germany where he spent the next eight years educating European Fitness Professionals in the art of Group Fitness Instruction and Personal Training. Seeking new growth, Larry moved back to the United States in 1997 where he has taken a more mind-body approach to fitness, practicing Yoga and choosing a path that eventually led him to Pilates, opening The Center Studio for Pilates, Rolfing and Integrated Bodywork in 2002. Larry's accomlishments include: Being invited to join the faculty of the prestigious Body Arts and Science International Teacher Training Program Being among the first Pilates Teachers in mainland China. 
As a Pilates Instructor, Larry enjoys helping people find balance within their bodies and live healthy and productive lives. He strives to help his clients realize their goals, whether it is relieving low back pain, correcting a postural problem or training for an AIDS Bicycle Ride or marathon. 
In his free time Larry actively races bikes in the very competitive Northern California and Nevada District.

Body Arts and Science International Certification Senior Teacher Trainer 2002 - 2010

Body Arts and Science International Pilates Instructor Training with Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger 

Trained with Jean-Claude West, functional exercise, Body Correctives and Muscle Energy Technique

Physical Mind Institute Pilates Instructor Training with Jean Sullivan

Certified Group Fitness Instructor, American Council on Exercise, (Boston, 1987) 

Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise, (Boston, 1990) 

BS Physical Education, concentrating in Exercise Science, Northeastern University, Boston, (1984) 

Larry prides himself in being friendly and accommodating to clients of all ages, backgrounds, and all walks of life.


Who Do I Help?


Pilates is for Everyone


Athletes come to Pilates to improve performance, a better golf swing, stronger back hand, more efficient swim stroke. Professional & Elite athletes find Pilates gives them the edge they need to be a champion.


Dancers come to Pilates for better performance. They like the restorative component the Pilates work offers. Pilates helps them stay strong, prevent injury, and if they come to Pilates to rehab from an injury they often stay with Pilates as they realize they will have a longer, more lucrative carrier.


Back Pain is a major reason people come to Pilates. As the client develops more core strength they find they sit, stand and move better. Pilates leads to a pain free life.


Rehabilitation from an injury or surgery Clients prefer Pilates as they get a whole body workout. At The Center Studio we consult with our clients Physicians and Physical Therapist to be sure we put together the most beneficial program.


Prevention: People who do Pilates want to live a long and healthy life. By addressing core strength early in life they are less likely to be injured in the later years.


Pilates Method Alliance: Gold Certified Pilates Teacher
Pilates Instructor: Body Arts and Sciences International with Rael Isacowitz | Physical Mind Institute with Jean Sullivan
Extensive Training with Jean-Claude West, a leader in Functional Exercise, Body Correctives and Muscle Energy Technique
Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise)
B.S. Physical Education / Exercise Science: Northeastern University, Boston




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Pilates Group Mat Instructor
Pilates Group Reformer Instructor
Pilates Teacher Training,
Personal Training,
Pilates for Athletes,
Pilates for Dentists,
Pilates for Hair Stylists,
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Pilates for Pregnancy,
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Asymmetry Correction
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