The First Steps 


Initial Consultation

The first step in the process is for us to schedule an appointment where we can get together for an introductory meeting.  We will have an initial consultation where we meet each other, talk about what your goals and desires are in the health and fitness arena, and talk about logistics and a plan of action.  This will generally take 30-45 minutes.  During this time, you will also get a tour of the facility where we will be working out: Synergy Fitness or DIAKADI Body.  The Initial Consultation, which is complimentary, is a chance to see if we think there is a good personality fit and are ready to take the next steps to move forward.  There will not be a workout during our Initial Consultation.


After our Initial Consultation, if you we decide to move forward, you will need to complete my online Health and Fitness Intake Questionnaire.  It is a survey designed to tell me about your goals, background, and health history.  It may be a bit tedious, but all of the information requested is relevant and necessary.  The results will be sent to me online, and I will have the opportunity to review them before our Physical Assessment & Initial Workout.  Once you have completed the Intake Questionnaire, please review my Release of Liability & Personal Training Agreement forms, and bring a signed copy of each to our next appointment.  If you have any questions, regarding this paperwork, please let me know.


Physical Assessment & Initial Workout


After our Initial Consultation, we will schedule a time to conduct a Physical Assessment.  During this time, we will conduct various strength, mobility, and cardiovascular assessments.  There are many different types of assessments out there, and what we do will be dependent upon what your goals are.  


The Initial Assessment will start with a review of the intake form that you have already filled out.  Depending on your background, it may be necessary for you bring me a clearance note from a Physician.  Safety is a priority, after all.


All assessments will also include a postural, mobility, and gait (the way you walk) assessment.  These assessments necessary, as they allow me to put together a program that will keep us moving forward without injury.


After we have completed our Physical Assessment, we will begin our first workout.  This is where the fun starts. 


While we will work hard and get some great exercise in, much of our first session is somewhat of an ongoing assessment.  It is during this time that I have a real opportunity to see how your body moves functionally, and also get a gauge of your strength and endurance over the course of an entire session.  This most likely will not be the hardest workout you have ever completed, but it is a necessary step in the process.


After our first workout is complete, you decide which package you wish to purchase, and we move forward from there!